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Manifest This And You Can Manifest Anything With The Law of Attraction

Manifest with the Law of Attraction


If you can manifest this, you can manifest anything with the Law of Attraction.  What I want to share with you today is the most important manifestation that you can create. I’m not going to call it the secret to successful manifestation or anything like that, but it’s the one thing I discovered that makes all the difference.

And it certainly is the one thing that is always common to all deliberate manifestations. If you want to know how to manifest deliberately, then you have to first be able to manifest this.

Before I explain exactly what this is, I want to paint a picture for you.

Create your dream holiday with the law of attraction

You’ve decided to go on holiday. You’ve looked at different destinations and finally chose a two week vacation in the Maldives. Then you browse different hotels and pick a beautiful one with huts over the water on a lagoon. You can feel the excitement growing. The next thing you do is figure out your flight and then once you’ve made sure it is all exactly as you want, you make all the bookings. You have now set everything into place. It’s all paid for. You have received all the booking confirmations.

There’s nothing more for you to do except look forward to the holiday and wait for day to come when you pack your bags and head off to the airport.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you are going to go on this fantastic holiday. You will spend hours thinking about it, how awesome it’s going to be, you will play out in your mind all the things you’re going to do, the food you are going to enjoy, the people you are going to meet, what you’re going to wear, what you need to take with you and anything else you need to do to prepare for the holiday.

All your feelings about the holiday are positive. You are excited. The feeling of anticipation is wonderful. You love how you feel.

Learn to manifest your dreams

So why are you feeling so great? I mean you haven’t actually gone on the holiday yet. All you’ve done is book it, yet your feelings are next level. You are vibing high in the anticipation and expectation of your holiday.

And why wouldn’t you? This is completely natural. When you know 100% that something you want is going to happen, this is how you feel. And remember you have not gone on the holiday. You only know it is definitely going to happen. You feel happy and grateful that you were able to book the trip. You tell everybody about it. Your positive feelings are a result of the thoughts you are thinking about the holiday and not the actually holiday itself.

There is no doubt whatsoever.

Now let’s paint another scenario.

You want to go on this holiday. You’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives but it’s so expensive and you can’t afford it at the moment.

 So what do you do?

Manifest a positive mindset

You think about how great it would be. How lucky others are that can afford it and wish you could too. And then you have a great idea. You are going to use the Law of Attraction to manifest this holiday.

You’ve heard with the Law of Attraction all you have to do is Ask, Believe and Receive. So you do the asking. That’s easy. Done. Now you have to believe.


So you tell yourself that you deserve the holiday. You tell yourself that the Universe is going to provide you with the means to make this dream holiday a reality. And you think over and over again how wonderful it would be if it came true. And then you tell yourself you’re probably being unrealistic to expect a once in a lifetime holiday to just manifest out of thin air, but you still try to convince yourself that it is possible. And this is where you probably stay. Going back and forth between trying to believe and talking yourself out of it.

What your think is so important when you manifest with the law of attraction

Does this sound familiar?

At this point you don’t feel good about it. And this is because you are still in the Asking mode. You may have thought you were moving onto the 2nd step, Belief, but as long as you are noticing the absence of what you want, you are still asking for it.

So what’s the difference between the two scenarios? They both include future trips to the Maldives. None of the trips have yet happened, but in the first scenario you stopped asking and believed it was going to happen and you experienced all the positive feelings that went along with that. Yet you still had not gone on the holiday. It was all in your mind.

In the 2nd scenario you did not experience the positive feelings. You tried but your focus was on the lack of the holiday and not the excited anticipation of it.

So what do you think was the first manifestation in the positive holiday scenario above? Most people will answer it is the booking of the holiday and once done you feel good. And of course you would be right, but what came next?

It was how you felt. You knew you were going on the holiday so you felt good about it. When you were trying to manifest the holiday through the Law of Attraction you didn’t know for sure that you were going to go on it, so the thought of the holiday didn’t feel good. And consequently you won’t be successful in manifesting the holiday through the Law of Attraction.

So let’s get back to why we are here. What is the one thing you need to manifest to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

Positive Thoughts and Mindset

Before being able to manifest the holiday, you have to be able to manifest the feelings of scenario one. That’s it. It was clear in the first scenario that you believed it. You were not asking. You 100% believed. You felt it. The right feelings were there and you loved how you felt about it.

So the first manifestation in our scenario of using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream is not the manifestation of the dream itself, but the manifestation of the feeling associated with your dream coming true.

You need to shift your thoughts from manifesting the holiday to rather manifesting the positive feelings associated with the holiday. This takes practice and focus, but this is something you can control. And because you have control over the thoughts you think, you will find it easier to believe you can manifest the feeling of your dream coming true, rather than simply creating the actual holiday out of thin air.

Manifest with the Law of Attraction

All physical manifestations are created by the thoughts you think, whether your thoughts are on the wanted or unwanted. You therefore need to be mindful of what you are thinking. Your thoughts then determine how you feel.

The only difference in our holiday example above was the thought about the holiday. As neither had actually taken place, it was still all in the mind in both scenarios. And the feelings that followed were as a result of the thoughts you were thinking.

Whatever you are feeling is what you broadcast to the Universe. And what you broadcast you will receive. How you feel about something is more important than what you think. You don’t have to think a certain way just because that’s the way you’ve always thought. If your feelings on a subject don’t make you feel good, then change your thoughts about the subject until you feel good or at least better.

Manifest the feeling first

Learn to manage your thoughts instead of your thoughts managing you. Get to the place where you feel good about what it is you want,  where you feel excited in the anticipation of what you expect.

The positive feeling of successful manifestation is the one thing that is common to all successful deliberate manifestations. The feeling always comes first.

If you can manifest this, then you can manifest anything.

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