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The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

As the Law of Attraction is thought of by many people as unreal, then understanding the science behind the Law of Attraction,  shows us how our thoughts affect our reality.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the universal law that allows you to manifest whatever it is you desire by what you think. This does not mean that you simply think of something you want and just by thinking about it, it will manifest. Although this is possible for those that have a full understanding of what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, for most it doesn’t work like this.

That is why so many people claim the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them. As it is always working, what they really are saying is that it doesn’t work for them the way they want it to. Just because it sounds too easy to create what you want by your thoughts alone, doesn’t mean it is not possible. Although in principle it is easy, effort needs to be applied to ensure you are in the best frame of mind to harness all the manifestation power that is available to you. 

It’s also motivating to understand how something so incredible actually works.

Creating your own reality

I am not a scientist at all but have a deep interest in this.  The scientific world is continually making advances, especially in the quantum field, which, apart from being really exciting, also tells us that what we once thought we knew, isn’t the case at all.  It can also be very confusing to most of us with proven theories and then, just theories, but nonetheless, it is a very exciting time to look at the potential of what is and what could be.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr


The Law of Attraction is faith based.  Belief is a key component.  It is a spiritual concept and not a religious one as it transcends different religious ideals.  The one thing all religions have in common is a belief in God.  When you ask the universe for something, you are asking the source energy of everything whom many call God.

I am also not religious in that I don’t belong to any particular religion but I am deeply spiritual. I believe in a higher power.  I believe I have a soul.  I believe the two are connected.

God Is Faithful

I see Source energy as the ocean and my soul a drop of water in that ocean.  This part of source energy is inside me – it is me.  

Just as I believe that source energy is part of me, I do not believe science and the “universe” are disconnected.  The creations and laws of the universe are being discovered and understood more and more by the scientific community.  It is not a case of believing in one or the other.

So for the purposes of this article, I want to focus on the science behind the Law of Attraction.  If you understand the science behind the Law of Attraction, it will be easier for you to understand the Law of Attraction itself and harness the full power of this to enhance your life.

So let’s get to it.

As we are vibrational beings we emit our own unique vibration at any given time.  This has been proved by the advances in quantum physics where it has been discovered that all atoms are made up of energy which is constantly vibrating.  We are and have always been more than what we see in the mirror. 

Science and Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction

When scientists observe the atom with a microscope, a small tornado like vortex is visible, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices known as quarks and photons.  When they look at the atom structure closer, they see nothing but an empty void.  The atom itself has no physical structure and as everything in our reality is made up of atoms, nothing that we see, including ourselves, has a physical structure.  Therefore all atoms are comprised of invisible energy and not matter as we know it, and all matter, including ourselves, is constantly vibrating.

For many this is a difficult concept to grasp because everything we touch, everything we see, is really there.  It is our reality.  But there is definitely more to this than meets the eye. 

You are made up of particles. Your house, your car, your money is made up of particles. Your world is made up of particles. 

Particles make up atoms which are in a constant state of motion with more space between them than the particles themselves.  So a table that you see as a solid is actually a whole lot of atoms with lots of space vibrating at a frequency.

Everything in the universe is vibrating all the time.

The concept that the universe is an entanglement of immaterial energy waves is attributed primarily to the work of Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg and Max Planck.  

Have You Heard of the Observer Effect?

In science, the term observer effect means that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed and by the observation waves become particles.

One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. – Science Daily



 So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction?  If our thoughts create our emotions, which create our vibrations, then how we vibrate directly affects our reality.

The double slit experiment shows us that particles are in the state of potential until they are observed.  A single outcome is realised out of many possibilities.  

When it comes to our own lives there are also endless possibilities.

Quantum fields are really a mind-bending way of thinking. Everything—and I mean everything—is just a consequence of many infinitely-large fields vibrating. The entire universe is made of fields playing a vast, subatomic symphony. Physicists are trying to understand the melody.

This idea gives an entirely different view of how the subatomic world works. Spanning all of space are a great variety of different fields that exist everywhere, just like how a certain spot can simultaneously have a smell, a sound, and a color. What we think of as a particle is simply a vibration of its associated field. – 
The Nature Of Reality

Pascual Jordan, who contributed to the first form of quantum mechanics stated observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it. According to Jordan, every observation is not only a disturbance, it is an incisive encroachment into the field of observation: "we ourselves produce the results of measurement".

In conclusion, atoms are everywhere.  All atoms are made up of particles.  Particles are in a state of potential until they are observed.  They become something when observed.  

This sounds pretty much how life works.  Life is always in a state of potential. When you observe something in your life it will change depending upon your observation.  Your observation is your thought. 

As you are the creator of your own reality,  to get the result you want, observe your life and situations differently. Vibrate differently.

Countless articles and books have been written on the subject of Quantum Mechanics as well as on the role consciousness plays in the final outcome.  Even though not everybody in the scientific world agrees, it is a definite possibility and if I, by my observation of this possibility and my thoughts associated with it, believe it is true, then in my reality it will be so.

The science behind the Law of Attraction shows me, that by controlling my thoughts and vibration, I am able to affect my own reality.

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