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The Law of Attraction quantified site which was started in 2018 came about as a platform to share the Law of Attraction philosophy in order to help people live better lives. In 2020 this evolved to our online store and was incorporated into our company 369 Square Ltd.

The idea of different religions all claiming to be the "answer", with different interpretations of the bible, different religious books and ideals that would get you to heaven if you followed, just didn't resonate with us at all.

 We don't like labels and never have.   We believe we are all equally created in God's image and no man or institution on earth should interfere with who we really are.  Each of us is a spiritual being and favoring one God over another has nothing to do with our spiritual journey.

 We are eternal beings and our life now on earth is only a chapter, it's not the whole book. The phrase Law of Attraction often seems to most people as an unrealistic, wishful thinking idea, not at all based in our reality.  But to us, it's everything - it's lining up with the God source energy, believing God is there for you and having faith in his love for everybody.

 So why Law of Attraction quantified?  Well the quantified is used in two ways, firstly to quantify something, to justify it, to explain it and secondly with regard to quantum physics, so essentially a play on words.  We are not scientists, but the discoveries and developments in quantum physics are so exciting and go a long way to explaining and providing context for the Law of Attraction.

We know we can all live better lives, the lives we truly deserve and with a better understanding of what the Law of Attraction is really all about, everybody has the advantage to tap into the universal power to achieve their desires no matter what they are.  But first, they have to believe and it's easier to believe though understanding.

 So the purpose of the Law of Attraction quantified site and store is to provide the understanding, encouragement and inspiration to make this life's journey everything you want it to be.  We are no more special than you are, and are by no means experts or gurus, but if what we have learned and understand works for us, then it can work for you too.  

 If you're ready to start your journey or in some cases even restart your journey, then join us on the path towards a better future for yourself and your loved ones.